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Iraqi soldier ‘shoots US troops’

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Iraqi soldier ‘shoots US troops’

An Iraqi soldier has shot dead at least two US soldiers and wounded
six others in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, reports say.

The incident happened in the impoverished Zanjili district of the city
when the group was carrying out a joint afternoon patrol.

The Iraqi trooper turned his gun on patrol members, the US military
said, before being shot dead himself.

The US military said it was investigating the incident.

There have been other incidents of Iraqi troopers attacking the
Americans they are working with but this, reports the BBC’s Andrew
North in Baghdad, would be one of the most serious.

Earlier in the day, four people were killed in a car bomb attack in a
busy shopping area in central Baghdad – the third bomb attack in three

Overall security in Iraq has improved significantly in the past year
but recent weeks have seen a rash of incidents that have undermined
public confidence.

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