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Is Israel deliberately strengthening Hamas? Haaretz

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By Amira Hass

Tags: Hamas, blockade, Gaza 

People in the Israeli cabinet, Defense Ministry and
Shin Bet security service know full well what they are doing when they
prohibit anything other than essential food or medicines from passing
through the checkpoints, when they prohibit the entry of raw materials
and the exit of agricultural and industrial products and prevent normal
human traffic for studies, medical care, work or family. Don't
underestimate them and don't belittle their judgment. They knew
perfectly well when they decided more than two years ago on the
tightest closure of the Gaza Strip since the closure policy began in
1991, that industry would collapse, agriculture would wither, tens of
thousands of young people would join the jobless and hopeless, that it
would be hard for schools to operate and education would suffer, that
sewage would back up and seep into the drinking water, that water would
no longer reach the upper floors of apartment buildings.

This policy was presented to the Israeli public in a semiofficial
manner as a justified punishment of the Palestinians for electing Hamas
(and to hell with international law). "Quarterofficially" we know there
was an expectation, or a prediction, that the siege would cause the
Gazans to loathe Hamas and end its government in Gaza (after it lost
its official grip on the West Bank). That was certainly the hope of the
Ramallah government.

Gazans have a bellyful of complaints, and rightfully so, about the
Hamas regime. It has already proven itself – mainly to Fatah members –
as a regime of fear and repression. But the kind of punishment tactic
currently in force is exactly what strengthens Hamas. Instead of the
movement being judged according to its ability to run a government and
meet its governmental obligations to ensure its citizens' welfare, it
can blame the emergency situation created by the siege for every
manifestation of immaturity and unprofessionalism.

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November 17, 2008 at 9:28 pm

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