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Oh For Christ’s Sake, Quit Blaming Everything on the Jews

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Oh For Christ’s Sake, Quit Blaming Everything on the Jews!
I just heard someone go off about how it’s all the Jews’ fault. No,
the world is not threatened by the Jews. I know a lot of Jews, they
are friendly, humorous, progressive and generous. Jews aren’t the
problem, extreme right wing Jewish whackos are the problem.
Just like extreme right wing Christian whackos, extreme right wing
Muslim whackos, extreme right wing satanists whackos, extreme right
wing atheist whackos, extreme right wing Russian whackos, extreme
right wing Chinese whackos, extreme right wing German whackos, extreme
right wing British whackos, extreme right wing USA whackos, extreme
right wing black whackos, extreme right wing white whackos, extreme
right wing yellow whackos, extreme right wing green whackos and
extreme right wing brown whackos are the problem. Every country, race
and religion have extreme right wing whackos, they are the problem,
not the group they belong to.
It is pretty easy to see the kind of people that are doing harm to
planet earth and its inhabitants. Looking at the bad guys, they all do
the same sort of thing. Here’s a list of some of their notable
They kill a lot of people.
They restrict freedoms and disdain human rights.
They are bigoted.
They are sexist.
They are controlling.
They lust over others property.
They are extreme nationalists.
They are extreme in their religious views (atheists included).
They mix religion and government.
They support strong autocratic or dictatorial control.
They support strong military and police state supremacy.
They are obsessed with national security.
They create an enemy to use as a unifying cause.
They control the mass media.
They protect corporate power.
They suppress labor and the workforce.
They lie and use propaganda for their ends.
They suppress intellectuals and the arts.
They obsess about crime and punishment.
They manipulate elections.
All shining qualities of extreme right wing whackos.
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Written by morris

November 20, 2008 at 12:35 pm

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