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Mumbai attacks blamed on Pakistani groups

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Suspicion over who carried out the attacks in Mumbai has immediately
fallen on Pakistani militants from across the border.
Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent
Last Updated: 7:22PM GMT 27 Nov 2008
Mumbai attacks: Six foreigners including Briton killed, Bombay India
Commandos discuss tactics in the Colaba market area Photo: GETTY
The Indian Prime Minister blamed outside influences and despite a
claim of responsibility from an unknown domestic group, the
authorities in India are adamant that the problem has come from beyond
their shores.
In an address to the nation, Manmohan Singh said it was “evident” that
a “group based outside the country” carried out the attacks.
Major General R K Hooda, the army major leading the operation to flush
out the militants, said the militants pretended to come from Hyderabad
in Central India, but they had captured one man who spoke with a
Punjabi accent and appeared to be from Pakistan.
The Indian authorities believe that the level of organisation of the
operation, points the finger at Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), a group
fighting for independence in the Muslim-dominated region of Kashmir,
although the organisation strongly denied any involvement.
The group is based in Lahore, in the Pakistani Punjab, and was
supported by the Pakistani government’s Inter-Services Intelligence
agency (ISI) during the 1990s.
It nearly sparked a war between India and Pakistan when it attacked
the Indian parliament in 2001, along with another Kashmiri group
If they are involved it would suggest that the long-running dispute
over Muslim-dominated Kashmir has arisen yet again to come between the
two nations.

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