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Mumbai attacks part of “Blowback” for CIA double cross

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Mumbai attacks part of "Blowback" for CIA double cross
By John Lewis-Dickerson, Atlanta – Nov 27th, 2008 at 7:36 pm EST

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November 27-28, 2008 — Mumbai attacks part of "Blowback" for CIA double cross

by Wayne Madsen @

violence that is sweeping Mumbai's tourist and business areas is the
work of rival Hindu nationalist terrorists and Muslim gangs, according
to WMR's Asian intelligence sources. Scores have been killed and
hundreds injured in the violence sweeping India's financial capital.
Although the "Indian Mujaheddin" and "Al Qaeda in India" are the
corporate media's suspects in the violence, the attacks have more to do
with score settling and a warning by a CIA asset and Muslim-Hindu gang

The violence began with some crude "dud" bombs being
planted around the city. However, these are seen as "false flag"
attacks carried out by HIndu nationalist terrorists who support the
Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which hopes to beat the ruling
Congress Party in forthcoming elections. The Hindu nationalists often
wave the "Muslim terrorist" shirt to win popular support.


the past, Mumbai's exiled Muslim "Mafia" boss, on-and-off again CIA
asset Dawood Ibrahim, a veteran of the CIA's mujaheddin war in
Afghanistan and who is now living in exile in Karachi, Pakistan and
wanted by Indian authorities, has the street muscle in Mumbai to stop
further violence. Ibrahim owns a construction company in Karachi, has
financial interests in Dubai, and is, according to our intelligence
sources, involved with the CIA in Kathmandu casinos and the drug trade
in Nepal. The CIA has shown no inclination to apprehend Ibrahim and
with the Hindu nationalists making a power play in Mumbai with
attempted "false flag"attacks, Ibrahim has shown no desire to stop the

Former Indian BJP Deputy Prime Minister L. K. Advani
said that India was rebuffed by then-Secretary of State Colin Powell
and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice when he asked that
Ibrahim be extradited from Pakistan to India over the December 2001
terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament in Delhi. India handed the
Bush administration a list of "Top 20" most-wanted terrorists in exile
in Pakistan but the request was rebufed by Washington.


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November 28, 2008 at 7:47 pm

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  1. The consequences of Mumbai attacks will hurt the US and western world. This is not just a couple of hotels under attack in a faraway land. For years India talked of how Pakistan had set up terrorist camps and how these were being used to attack India, but the US and most of the westen world paid no heed.

    The attacks in Mumbai were executed by ex-SSG (Pak Army Commandos) controlled by ISI. There is also some evidence of marine training by Pak Navy this time. India will need to take a tough stand. This will lead to Pak Army being moved from the Afghan border to the border with India, taking pressure off AlQaeda and Taliban and leaving them free to target US again.

    The western governments need to stamp out the breeding ground of global terror in Pakistan quickly. Pressurise the civilian government in Pakistan to act decisively, and put increased military pressure on the Pak-Afghan border.

    Check out the attached link. Some of it can be ignored, but it is frighteningly coherent in the central theme – why Pak Army/ISI chose to attack Mumbai, and why the attackers seemed so well prepared.


    November 29, 2008 at 9:02 pm

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