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Mumbai Attacks Look Like A Western Intel Operation

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Mumbai Attacks Look Like A Western Intel Operation
Lee Rogers

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recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai India appear to be the work of a
western intelligence agency. Sophisticated terrorist attacks are
usually only executed by an institution with a vast amount of resources
at their disposal, and not by terrorists living in a cave somewhere.
History has shown that high profile terrorist attacks which get top
billing in the media are in fact government sponsored. Already, India
is blaming Pakistan for the attacks and we’ve also seen an onslaught of
propaganda from media outlets attempting to place the blame for this
attack on the fictional CIA founded organization Al-Qaeda. There are
even eyewitness accounts saying that the attackers did not look like
Indians but instead appeared to be western. In fact, some of the attackers have already been identified as British citizens of Pakistan origin.
Of course none of that matters, since the media needs to sell the
Al-Qaeda myth to the dumbed down masses here in America. Considering
that Barack
Obama has gone on the record talking about the possibility of using
military force in Pakistani territory to go after Al-Qaeda terrorists
it looks as if this event is going to conveniently provide him the
excuse to do so when he takes power in a few months. He can say that he
is going after Al-Qaeda in Pakistan and the media will sell it as the
right thing to do. Let’s face it; the only groups that would gain from
the killing and wounding of hundreds of innocent people in India are
western governments. It is allowing them to continue to sell the phony
terror war to the dumbed down American sheep, it effectively plays off
India against Pakistan and it provides the excuse for future U.S.
military intervention into Pakistan.

Let's get into more detail
about who will gain and why they stand to gain from these attacks.
First, the attacks allows the media to re-introduce the idea of the
phony terror war back into the public eye. Despite the fact that there
is little to no evidence that this was pulled off by some sort of
Islamic terrorist group it is being billed as such an attack by
Al-Qaeda. In
addition, we have coincidentally seen terror alerts with claims that
Al-Qaeda is planning to attack subways and Amtrak stations the same day
of the Mumbai attack here in the United States
. Even though the
government can provide no specifics on the intelligence that lead them
to conclude that this was a possibility, this has given them the excuse
to pump more fear into the minds of the American people through the
mass media propaganda complex. It has effectively brought the horror of
the terror attacks in India closer to home in order to continue the
media sell of the bogus terror war.

Second, it allows India and
western governments to blame the attack on Pakistan as a pre-text to
launch military operations on Pakistan soil. Obama has already said
that he would take action against so called terrorists in Pakistan.
Such attacks would not have anything to do with fighting the bogus
terror war but instead would be used to exercise continued western
influence in that portion of the world.

Third it serves as a way to
create more tension between India and Pakistan both of which are
nuclear powers and both of which have been fighting over the region of
Kashmir for many years now.

Conveniently a new Al-Qaeda tape was released on the Internet yesterday
showing the supposed number two of Al-Qaeda Ayman Al-Zawahri
challenging the Bush administration to send the military into Pakistan.
With each Al-Qaeda video and audio release it is becoming increasingly
more obvious that Al-Qaeda is actually intentionally making statements
to help fulfill the agenda of the west. If Al-Zawahri were really
living in a cave somewhere it would be a little more difficult to make
all of these video and audio tapes. Al-Qaeda is a fictional group
created by the CIA, so considering that fact; wouldn’t it make more
sense if Al-Zawahri were actually working for the CIA, instead of a
phony organization that is really just a list of names? By challenging
the Bush administration to send troops into Pakistan, he’s in fact
giving credibility to the idea that there are terrorists that need to
be defeated there.

Whenever these attacks
occur, one has to look at who would gain the most from them. Clearly,
the west has the most to gain from such an attack. They get to use
these attacks to sell their phony terror war, play off India against
Pakistan and it serves as a fantastic excuse to justify a future
military invasion of Pakistan. The war on terror is a fraud and this
appears to be yet another manufactured event that will allow the
bloodthirsty criminals in Washington DC to continue their efforts in
consolidating their power and control.

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November 30, 2008 at 1:54 pm

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