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The Israeli-Indian Connection “Israel now sells more than $1 billion in arms annually to India”

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The Israeli-Indian Connection

"Israel now sells more than $1 billion in arms annually to India"

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"Between Israel and India, a Link Based on Culture and, Now, Terrorism" by Samuel G. Freedman

through Wednesday afternoon, Ani Anighotri was doing his multitasking
thing, cruising the Internet while chatting with a friend about a
recent business trip to his homeland, India, from his home in Georgia.
Then an e-mail message popped onto his screen and ended the jocular
conversation. The subject line said, “Attack in Mumbai.”

accompanying message told Mr. Anighotri of reports of random shooting
in Mumbai. He went to a Web site and found an account of a second,
similar assault. Then, turning on an Indian cable television station,
Mr. Anighotri saw a fire set by terrorists blazing in the Taj Mahal
Palace & Tower Hotel, the same hotel in which he had stayed just
three weeks earlier.

By Thursday morning, Mr. Anighotri had
discovered another subtler point of connection. It was now clear that
besides hotels, a café, a train station and two hospitals, the
terrorists had invaded a Jewish outreach center, operated by the Chabad
Lubavitch movement. Mr. Anighotri absorbed the news as the co-chairman
of an 80-member group in the Atlanta area called the Indo-Jewish

In its modest way, the coalition attests to the deepening bonds between Jews and Indians,
whether in Israel, India or the United States; and this week’s events
demonstrate perhaps the most visceral and grisly element of connection,
though far from the only one.

“I am seeing that there is some natural affinity being developed between India and Israel and Jewish people,” said Mr. Anighotri, 48, who owns technology and consulting companies. “Because both these countries and people have been affected by this kind of terror — killing of civilians, something despicable that is happening year after year.”

Suzman, who until recently was co-chairman of the Atlanta group, echoed
the sentiment. “In times like this, you suddenly realize that you’ve
built bridges,” Mr. Suzman said in a telephone interview. “So instead
of recrimination and accusation, you have a huge coming together of
sympathy and understanding.”


The affinity of which both men spoke extends well beyond the shared experience of being the target of Islamist terrorism,
or the resulting military and security ties between India and Israel.
The softer tissue of human experience — culture, religion, values —
also binds Indians and Jews.

“The best way to explain it is that I was telling my daughter, ‘If you have to marry outside India, marry a Jew,’ ” said Shoba Narayan, a writer in Bangalore who has visited Israel with her husband, an investment banker. “The cultures are so similar — the commitment to education, the ability to delay gratification, hard work, the guilt, the fatalism. And I think this is because we are both old cultures.”

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