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Indian citizens criticise politicians for using terrorism to gain votes

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By: Agencies on: 01.12.2008 [05:43 ] India directs anger at politicians after Mumbai attacks * Indian citizens criticise politicians for using terrorism to gain votes Taj owner says he was warned of attack, but security was insufficient NEW DELHI: Indians blazed criticism against their political leaders on Sunday after the attacks in Mumbai which killed almost 200 people, saying their bickering and ineptness was at least partly responsible. As commandos gunned down the last of the militants, TV channels were divided between covering the operations and an outpouring of venom against both the ruling Congress party-led coalition and the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party. These are the people who are responsible for the system, author and columnist Shoba De, a Mumbai resident, said on one talk show. The city would not have suffered the way it has had it not been for the complete and total abrogation of duty and the kind of negligence weve seen, the kind of indifference weve seen. Our politicians fiddle as innocents die, the Times of India said in a front-page comment. Today, as heaps of bodies lie in morgues … it is time to ask our politicians, are you going back to playing politics with our lives? Or are you going to do something worthwhile with yours? The Congress-party government was blamed for the loopholes that allowed the heavily armed Islamist attackers to come across the seas to land in Mumbai. Others decried the Hindu nationalist BJP for seeking electoral advantage. Arun Shourie, a former BJP cabinet minister, said Indias growing economic prowess had masked governance problems. I feel that this being mesmerised by growth rate figures is actually misleading, because the tree of the state is being hollowed by termites the political class, he told Reuters. National elections are due in May, and both sides of the political divide were seen using the Mumbai attacks for their own ends before state polls in Delhi on Saturday. The BJP said in a full-page newspaper advertisement: Brutal terror strikes at will. Weak government. Unwilling and incapable. Fight terror Vote BJP. Congress, under fire from the BJP about national security during the 20 days of campaigning in Delhi shot back: 20 days of false campaigning cannot replace 10 years of development. Your decision. Columnist Vir Sanghvi wrote in the Hindustan Times: We are fed up of politicians who use terrorism as an excuse to win votes. We are fed up of their incompetence. As far as were concerned, they are all the same. Warned!: The management of the Taj Hotel in Mumbai was warned it was a possible target, but increased security measures were eased shortly before the devastating militant attack, its owner said Sunday. Ratan Tata said the extra protection, which kept cars away from the hotels front entrance, would not have prevented the assault. If I look at what we had … it could not have stopped what took place, Tata told CNN. Its ironic that we did have such a warning, and we did have some measures, said Tata, chairman of the Tata Group which owns the Taj hotel chain. Tata said the attackers entered through the back of the hotel. They knew what they were doing, and they did not go through the front. All of our arrangements are in the front, he said. The first thing they did, they shot a sniffer dog and his handler, he added. There seems to have been a lot of pre-planning. Tata said emergency services had been badly hampered during the crisis, with firefighters taking three hours to arrive when fires broke out. The Tajs general manager lost his whole family in the attacks but was determined that it would re-open as a tribute to them and a sign the militants had not won, Tata said. agencies\121\story_1-12-2008_pg4_7

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