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The Fall of the House of Nariman.

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Sunday, November 30

What is this thing in Mumbai about? I think it is two things. The first thing is obvious. Someone wants Pakistan and India at each others throats for the purpose of subduing Pakistan and India after that. Someone wants to energize the right wing in India and turn the mind of the Indian people to thoughts of a greater police presence in the hope of a more uniform security. It’s more complex than this and, of course, the money and power thing is always there. The other thing is

Now if; by some wild fluke, I am wrong about Israel having something to do with Mumbai well gee everybody makes mistakes but once again & once again & there they are in one more confused circumstance with suspicious comings and goings of suspicious people; indications that actual ‘terrorists’ were staying there, large food orders, missing residents and police testimony that they were fighting white guys and assorted things that you can read about at that place I sent you in the beginning of whatever the hell this is.

Expect more. All the things we’ve talked about these last few years are in the process now. The timing with the new American president and the possible sayonara, bloody handkerchief, waving from the dictator in chief on his way out the door are all triggers for what is been on the drawing board for a long time.

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December 1, 2008 at 12:20 pm

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