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Comment: First of all Taliban / taleban are not Al Qaida / qaeda Secondly…

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First of all Taliban / taleban are not Al Qaida / qaeda.

Secondly, Al Qaida is an America’s (Jewish)over glorified propaganda to terrify the world of a terror network that does not exist or even if it does, it does not have the capabilities to do what USA says it can do.

As for Karachi, there are no Taliban in Karachi. Karachi has other problems which we need not discuss here.

RAW / MOSSAD / KHUD / CIA are the main agencies that are creating problems all over the world… they have their own objectives but one common objective they share is to devastate the Muslim world. Everything and anything bad that happens in the world is conveniently blamed on the Muslim terror groups and then countries like USA start bombing helpless and poverty ridden Muslims.

This is what the USA is doing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Pakistan… I do not blame the American citizens, they are nice and caring people… it’s the US politicians who breed and survive on Ultra Fanatic Jewish people’s money. All the Jews are not bad… there is a small segment in the Jewish society that is extremist and consider Muslims a threat.

Muslims dislike Jews only because of the atrocities in Palestine. But Extremist Jews have gained too much control in USA’s bureaucracy, politics and intelligence agencies.

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December 2, 2008 at 8:00 am

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