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Mumbai: Debka coverup? US intelligence warned India of Mumbai attack in mid-October Report

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Deciphering gobbledygook.

This item is from Debka, a website that is commonly labeled as having close connections to Israeli intelligence.

Debka is also known for being a source of rumour and disinfo.

Yet there must be some truth in Debka’s postings, or at least, some truth it is trying to conceal.

US intelligence warned India of Mumbai attack in mid-October Report

December 1, 2008, 11:22 PM (GMT+02:00)

DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources report that the Indian spy agency RAW (the Research and Analysis Wing) caught wind of a terrorist threat for Mumbai in late August,

more information was collected by RAW during September and October about the shape of the attack and its targets and passed to the American NSA.

So for a period of three months Indian intelligence was gathering information on this terrorist strike. BTW Indian and Israeli intelligence are quite intimate.

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