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While we look at Mumbai, what else has been happening: Gaza, Afghanistan etc

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December 2, 2008
381 Muslims Massacred in Jos, Nigeria With Complete Black Out of International Media


While US main corporate media units, particularly CNN and Fox TV stations, were 24-7 covering the Mumbai attacks, Muslims were massacred in the city of Jos, in Nigeria. In terms of the number of the victims, Nigerian Muslim victims were double of the number of the Indian victims.
In Iraq, dozens were also killed, and scores were injured, in addition to protests against the US-Iraqi security pact, which allows US forces to stay in Iraq three more years, meaning that the Iraq war may continue for the same period.

In Afghanistan, 61 Afghanis were massacred in just two days by US-led NATO and Afghani forces.

The Israeli brutal siege of Gaza Strip continues, punishing about 1.8 million Palestinians, who began to starve and who are living in darkness after the severe shortages of food and fuel supplies as a result of the Israeli occupation government siege.

The CNN-Fox continuous coverage of the Mumbai attacks for the last five days was a golden opportunity to run away from the news they do not want the American people to know.

It has been a perfect example of how certain news are focused upon and others are ignored completely even if they are more important.

It is also an attempt to impose the defunct war on terror  on the Obama administration.

America is in need of a publicly-funded and independent TV network, which tells the American people the truth as it is, not as the special interest groups want it to be.

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December 2, 2008 at 10:00 pm

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