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Out the Door and Innuendo whatreallyhappened smoking mirrors

Out the Door and Innuendo

There are people who think I am anti-Christian or anti-Jew. No one seems to think I’m anti-Muslim. My spiritual roots are in Hinduism but… so are the spiritual roots of every other religion… like it or not. What it is is that I don’t care for fundamentalism of ‘any’ stripe and that includes Muslim as well as any who fit that description. I don’t like ‘by the book’, ‘by the numbers’ ‘sex is bad’ bullshit “if you’re not saved you’re going to Hell” garbage and I don’t like Sharia either. I don’t like Zionism which is racism and neo-Nazi tactics.

TipoftheHat whatreallyhappened

Written by morris

December 9, 2008 at 4:45 pm

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