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Flashback 2006 Tactical Nuclear Weapon Detonated In Iraq?

Tactical Nuclear Weapon Detonated In Iraq?

I’ve missed a lot news during Ramadan (trying to catch all the special-new TV series), so today, I managed to go through some, where I came across this interesting story, yet not covered by the mainstream media, and you’ll know why shortly.

First, the story at Digg says that Aljazeera claims that a tactical nuke exploded at Camp Falcon in Iraq. Followed the link they have there, but there was no video (some comments below the Digg story claims that it was removed by Google). Went searching until I found it here.

So far so good? Not really… Claiming that I’m an Arab and can understand Arabic, the quoted live report at Aljazeera never mentioned a word about any nuke explosions, although the anchor express clearly that he is amazed by the type and size of the explosions he is watching.

Researching more in the mainstream media about the event, didn’t find anything about the causalities or the explosions. That made me wonder, why? So I went searching the alternative media, and here come the surprises.

Now, before going any further, lets watch the video, (At precisely three minutes, fifty-six seconds (3:56) into the video clip, the “tactical nuclear explosion” appears to happen. It can’t be missed)

Is there a mistaking what it was? Maybe!



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