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Gaza: Links to stories I don’t have heart to print – RTT

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January 4, 2009 at 7:17 pm

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Demonstrators hurl shoes at Downing Street in day of global protest against Israeli attacks


By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 1:23 AM on 04th January 2009

Demonstrators demanding an end to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza hurled their shoes at the gates of Downing Street yesterday during a wave of global protests.

Riot police were also pelted with missiles and fireworks as about 5,000 pro-Palestinians descended on the Israeli Embassy in London in the evening.

Earlier in the day, around 12,000 people marched through the centre of the capital, including singer Annie Lennox, human rights campaigner Bianca Jagger and former mayor Ken Livingstone.

London protest

London: Hundreds of shoes litter Whitehall, near Downing Street

Elsewhere in Britain, 2,000 demonstrators took to the streets in Manchester and 500 braved the cold in Edinburgh.

Paris held the world’s biggest protest, with 25,000 people showing up to condemn the Israeli offensive, which has killed at least 436 Palestinians since December 27th.

The death toll includes 75 children, according to Gaza medics. And almost 2,300 people have been wounded inside the territory.

Four Israelis have been killed by rocket attacks by Hamas, Islamist militants who took over Gaza three years ago.

In Britain, many people were angry at Gordon Brown refusal to condemn Israel’s attacks.

Hundreds of protesters threw shoes at the iron gates of Downing Street residence, in the spirit of an Iraqi journalist who hurled his footware at President George Bush last year.


About 12,000 people are estimated to have taken part in the rally

Around 1,000 pairs littered the streets outside Number 10 with demonstrating singing: ‘Shame on you, have my shoe.’

Zac Sommer, an 18-year-old British-Palestinian student from Essex, said: ‘Britain is quick to condemn Robert Mugabe, but where is the condemnation of Israel? Israel is killing hundreds of people.’

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January 4, 2009 at 7:00 pm

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Ten thousand demo in Tel-Aviv / Gush


Gush Shalom


At the same time as Ehud Barak was ordering the army to start the bloody ground offensive against Gaza, some ten thousand protesters from all over Israel marched in Tel-Aviv in a massive demonstration against the war.
“One does not build an election campaign over the dead bodies of children!”…

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Some of our friends were not at the big demo but spent the weekend in detention:

21 left-wing activists arrested after attempting to block entrance to Sde Dov military airfield in bid to prevent pilots from ‘taking off to bombard Gaza civilians’,7340,L-3649206,00.html

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January 4, 2009 at 6:24 pm

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Anti-Israel Protests over Gaza Continue Worldwide


03/01/2009 For the eighth consecutive day, the Zionist entity continued its deadliest offensive against Palestinians in the Gaza strip, claiming the lives of more than 440 people and injuring more than 2290 others…
And also for the eighth consecutive day, world capitals witnessed massive rallies in solidarity with Gaza against the Zionist criminality, calling upon the international community to assume its responsibilities.
One of the major demonstrations was witnessed in the northern town of Sakhnin (Arabs of 48) where around one hundred thousand people demonstrated over the Israeli offensive. Crowds waving Palestinian flags and brandishing pro-Palestinian placards chanted “Gaza will not surrender to the tanks and bulldozers!” and “Don’t fear, Gaza, we are with you!”
Following a minute’s silence, Sakhnin Mayor Mazem Ghanaim called for an immediate halt to the Gaza offensive. “The Israeli occupation forces is conducting crimes in Gaza before the eyes of the international community. We call for an immediate stop to the Gaza offensive,” Ghanaim told the crowd.
In France, demonstrators turned out in their thousands Saturday to condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza. In Paris police put the number of those marching through the French capital at more than 6,000, while the organizers estimated 25,000 took part. In the southern city of Nice police said there were 3,000 demonstrators while organizers claimed 5,000. Police said 3,800 turned out in the eastern city of Mulhouse while the organizers said there were 5,000. In Toulouse in the southwest the figure was put at between 600 and 800 and at Perpignan close to the border with Spain at between 1,000 and 1,500.
Thousands of demonstrators marched through London on Saturday to protest against the Israeli offensive on Gaza. Many people carried Palestinian flags and some chanted “Free, free Palestine” and “Israel terrorists” as they filed along the River Thames towards Trafalgar Square. Police said up to 6,000 people took part, but organizers the Stop the War Coalition estimated the crowd at around 50,000.
Hundreds also marched through the streets of Madrid on Saturday to call for an end to Israel’s air attacks on the Gaza Strip. The protesters, mostly Arabs, began their spontaneous march after a demonstration outside the Spanish foreign ministry. “Justice for Palestine” and “This is not a war but a genocide” were amongst the messages on display on signs. Some marchers called out “murderers” while others waved shoes in the air.
In Kuwait, more than 2,000 Kuwaitis and Arab residents demonstrated on Saturday against Israel’s deadly strikes on Gaza Strip, calling on Arab regimes to help Palestinians. Protesters chanted “Death to Israel” and “Death to America,” and carried banners in support of the Resistance Hamas movement, criticizing what they called “Arab silence towards the Israeli massacre.” Demonstrators called on Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to open the only border crossing point with the Gaza Strip in order to allow aid to pass to around 1.5 million Palestinians living in Gaza.
Meanwhile, hundreds of Afghans marched in new demonstrations Saturday against Israel’s deadly strikes on the Gaza Strip, with protesters in the capital also demanding that US occupation troops pull out of Afghanistan. In Kabul, up to 600 demonstrators marched in the city centre, holding banners that read “Israel commits crimes, America supports,” and shouting “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.” In the eastern city of Jalalabad, up to 400 people took to the streets to condemn the attacks, accusing the United Nations of failing to act, witnesses said. Hundreds more protested in the town of Charikar, north of Kabul, according to Afghan media.
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators have pelted Cypriot riot police with rocks, sticks, shoes and oranges near the Israeli embassy in Nicosia. Some protesters tried to pull away barbed wire and break through a line of riot police blocking a road leading to the Israeli embassy.
Meanwhile, Lybia announced that it will send 5,500 tons of food and medical supplies to Gaza by boat. The shipment is expected to arrive in Egypt Tuesday, and from there to be transferred to the Strip. Earlier Syria announced it would send 230 tons of food and medical supplies to Gaza.   Source

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January 3, 2009 at 7:03 pm

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Gaza: Latest rockets manufactured in China

The Grad-model Katyusha rockets that were fired into Beersheba on Wednesday were manufactured in China and smuggled into Gaza after the Sinai border wall was blown up by Hamas in January, defense officials said.

Damage to a Beersheba...

Damage to a Beersheba classroom hit by a Grad rocket on Wednesday morning.

The Chinese rockets have a range of 40 kilometers. They are very similar to the 122 mm Soviet-made Katyusha that was used extensively by Hizbullah during the Second Lebanon War and are slightly more sophisticated than an Iranian-made Grad-model Katyusha that is also in Hamas’s arsenal.

The four rockets that hit Beersheba this week were filled with metal balls that can scatter up to 100 meters from the impact site, officials said. These rockets have also been fired into Ashkelon and Ashdod.

The three countries that manufacture Grad-model Katyushas are China, Russia and Bulgaria.

Defense officials told The Jerusalem Post the rockets were smuggled into Gaza in the 12 days after Hamas blew a hole in the border wall between Gaza and Egypt on January 23.

“Huge quantities of weaponry were smuggled into Gaza then from above ground, including the Grad rockets,” an official said, adding that even after the border wall was sealed, Hamas continued to smuggle the long-range rockets into Gaza via tunnels under the Philadelphi Corridor.

From China, the rockets make several stops before reaching Gaza. In many cases, officials said, they are bought by Iran or Hizbullah and then transferred to Sinai.

In some instances, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) has learned of weapons that came from Yemen and Eritrea, were moved to Sudan, then north to Egypt, and finally smuggled into Gaza.

“This is a complicated smuggling system that involves many different people around the world,” one official said.

The Grad-model Katyushas, officials said, were packed with large quantities of ammonia and less-than-maximum explosives to increase their durability and lethality.

Last Thursday, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit told Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni that Cairo was not responsible for Hamas’s military buildup and that the long-range rockets in the group’s arsenal were not smuggled through the tunnels from Sinai.

Defense officials said Wednesday that Aboul Gheit was partially correct, in that some of the rockets did not come into Gaza through tunnels, but that they did enter the Strip from Sinai.


Tipothehat: Rense

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January 1, 2009 at 5:27 pm

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Antidote to the Iraeli revisionism of history – Middeno

31, December, 2008 by zentor Joshua Landis at Syriacomment gives an overview of – and links to – a series of excellent recent articles on Gaza by such clearheaded and principled writers as Robert Fisk, Johann Hari, Tariq Ali, Nir Rosen and others. Reading this collection of texts is an excellent and heartily recommended antidote to the current ahistorical drivel in the western (and much of the Arab) media, which haplessly and without any criticism copies the revisionist version of recent and not so recent Middle Eastern history which the Israelis and their allies are ceaselessly flooding us with.  —More

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December 31, 2008 at 5:40 pm

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AlManar: Hamas Gains Its 1st Diplomatic Victory in Gaza Op.

Hanan Awarekeh

31/12/2008 -Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip enters its fifth day. The announced goal is to stop Hamas’ rockets and change its regime in the Strip.

-Over 390 Palestinian Martyrs, including 45 Children and more than 1900 injured.

-Over 400 rockets were fired by the resistance factions into the occupied territories.

– Egypt is under Arab pressure for refusing to open Rafah crossing that links Gaza with the outside world.

Hamas resistance movement was supposed to stop launching rockets on the occupied territories, however, over 150 rockets was fired into the Israeli settlements only on Tuesday, which means that the Israeli military operation has failed to achieve its announced goal till now. Yet Cairo was under criticism for its closure of the Rafah crossing in which, people accuse of collaborating with the Zionist entity against Gaza.

Israeli daily Haaretz said Wednesday that the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak could not keep silent any longer about the attack on Egypt in the press. His decision to explicitly state Egypt’s position that the West Bank and Gaza are part of the same country, and that the Rafah crossing will open only under the conditions of the 2005 agreement (to which Egypt is not a signatory), is part of the public diplomacy Mubarak has been dragged into against his will.

Mubarak would have preferred for Hamas to appeal to him directly for a cease-fire, which Egypt would negotiate with the Zionist entity. But according to Haaretz, Hamas, like Hezbollah, chose a different and probably more effective path.

Hamas, by enlisting public opinion through the Arab media, holding street demonstrations and creating public pressure, may very well achieve a cease-fire without being forced to ask for it.

The Israeli daily continued, “Hamas has experience in winning public support, as it learned last January when it broke through the border fence with Egypt. Egypt was forced to give in to public pressure and let the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians cross the border and buy goods on the Egyptian side.”

The knowledge that Arab public opinion, as opposed to the Arab regimes that speak with several different voices, may influence policy is new.

Hamas can rack up its first victory for its methods as several European countries are already talking about a “humanitarian” cease-fire, and Egypt has been fixed in the public eye as a collaborator with Israel. This will make it hard for Egypt to act as a mediator between Hamas and Israel, and the war in Gaza will require international involvement and certainly active Syrian involvement to end the hostilities.

The Israeli daily added, “In that way Gaza goes from being a local dispute between Israel and Hamas to the status of half a state with the same status as Israel, so hopes Hamas. Such a step could never have come off through regular diplomatic channels, where Hamas would have appealed to Egypt or some other mediator, but only by enlisting the masses in the region and by bypassing the Palestinian Authority, which is not functioning during this crisis.”

Haaretz report concluded that Mubarak’s efforts in his speech on Tuesday in which he tried “to relink the West Bank and Gaza and place Gaza again under the PA’s authority says something about the diplomatic battlefield. A separate cease-fire with Gaza under Arab and international pressure may be interpreted as recognition of the separation between Gaza and the West Bank – and recognition of the Hamas government. This will place Gaza under the diplomatic auspices of Iran and Syria, on the border with Egypt.”  Source

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December 31, 2008 at 12:49 pm

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